Milky Way

Milky Way

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Limited edition fine art print
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Indigo Valley, Victoria
This photo was taken on our friends’ property in rural Victoria. One clear evening we ventured with the ute into one of the paddocks and made a fire beside this incredible tree. We sat and watched the Milky Way float over us. Trent created this image, using the glow of the fire to light up the tree and a slow shutter to capture the multitude of stars above us. Never had we seen so many stars.

For a long time we’ve been wanting to gather our favourite images from the landscape that inspires us the most, home. There really is nowhere else like Australia, “its beauty rich and rare”. These images have been collected over the last few years from various travels and road trips and we plan to add to the collection as we continue to explore this great wide land. Our hope is that these images and stories will take you to our favourite places in Australia and stir the emotions we felt there.

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