Canada in the Spring // British Columbia + Alberta

After 30 hours of travel we were ready to collapse, we'd flown Brisbane to Los Angeles, LA to Vancouver, caught a train to Vancouver city centre then a bus to Horseshoe Bay. While waiting for the bus to Horseshoe Bay we met two lovely, older ladies we asked them about buying bus tickets and we made sure we had the right money. Unfortunately, we had the right amount in Canadian dollar bills but not in coins and the bus could only take coins. The driver let us on anyway and suggested we ask our fellow passengers if we could swap notes for coins. Upon hearing our dilemma, the older ladies began to rummage through their purses to ensure we had the correct change. We chatted to them a little during the trip and before they got off they insisted we take some homemade cookies that one of the ladies pulled out from her bag. In our very tired states we were just so grateful for the kindness of strangers. Needless to say we already liked Canada quite a lot. Throughout our trip we encountered nothing but warmth with locals greeting us with a handshake and "Welcome to Canada". From Horseshoe Bay we caught a ferry to Nanaimo, then drove our hire car to Tofino, a beautiful chilled out, surfing village on Vancouver Island and also the home of the best Tacos we've ever tasted "Tacofino". On the way to Tofino we stopped in at Cathedral Grove and were left in awe wandering around this stunning, ancient forest. After Vancouver Island we spent some time in Vancouver before heading to the Rockies. We drove from Banff to Jasper on the Icefields Parkway, checked out a frozen Lake Louise then encountered a slight blizzard, temperatures dropped to -4 and snowflakes were flying everywhere. It didn't seem to bother the mountain goats though, which we couldn't help pulling over to photograph. Thankfully on the drive back (Jasper to Banff), we had a beautiful clear day and our minds got to be blown by the epic mountain landscape. We have so many highlights and stories from this trip, but if you've got this far, we'll let you just enjoy the pictures. We would love to visit Canada again one day.